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Helbio’s technology is based on proprietary and patented reactor – catalyst configurations for reformation processes. The reactor configurations utilize the concept of the Heat-Integrated Wall-Reactor (European Patent 94600005.6/13.07.94. U.S.A. Patent No. 6, 605 376 ( Aug. 12 .2003 ) which offers very rapid heat exchange characteristics.  


One of the major advantages of the company are the novel, proprietary catalysts that have been developed for the reformation of fuels, either in the steam reforming or the partial oxidation modes. These catalysts exhibit improved characteristics with respect to activity, selectivity towards hydrogen and thermal stability. They are used in the form of thin films deposited on metallic surfaces, or  deposited on other structural forms, such as monoliths and foams.

 Helbio has also developed novel, non-pyrophoric and highly active catalysts for the water gas shift (WGS) reaction and for the selective methanation of CO. The whole series of catalysts enable the efficient production of high purity hydrogen which is suitable for use in low- temperature fuel cell applications. 

Of primary interest to Helbio is the production of renewable hydrogen, primarily by utilization of biomass components and derivatives. Among threes are bioethanol, which is produced by fermentation of biomass, and biogas which is produced by anaerobic digestion of biomass. Significant quantities of biogas are produced in waste water treatment plants and in municipal solid waste sites. A process for the production of both biofuels is proposed, as shown in the diagram.  


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